Graham Greene on Time

by caseybedell

Reflecting on the persecuted church in Southern Mexico in his classic novel The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene writes that when the church goes missing, so goes the sense of time (p. 100). The church offers a sense of time that the world needs.  The world on its own terms does not respect time.

Time limits us. It reminds us that we live a day at a time.

The church does not take for granted the rising and setting sun, but instead sees it as a symbol of grace. It sees it as a sign of its creatureliness, and thus serves as a sign of a Creator. The church sees the world and sees a theatre for God’s glory. God sees the world and sees a world of human limitations.  Yet the limited world of time and space are the very things God delights in.  He does not despise our creaturely existence, but watches over it, sings over it, and even enters into it.