God in the dark

by caseybedell

We are often suspicious of God. At some level we are afraid that he is going to let us down, or already has.  At some level we think that God does not look like Jesus and therefore we do not believe Jesus has come from God.

Underlying this of course is the problem of sin; the dark world where we imagine God is absent .  In this maze of sin, we see hedges forming pathways with no way out. And in that maze we believe the lie that says we are all alone in an impersonal world with no one to trust and no way out.

But the gospel says the opposite.  It says, this world is not impersonal, but personal.  It says, you were created not to be suspicious of me, but to trust to me.

The gospel reminds us that despite our efforts to imagine a Godless world, Jesus has entered into our lostness and brought us out.  We are no longer in Egypt but headed over Jordan. But we are still in the wilderness.