on human persons

by caseybedell

Scripture sees the human person within two situations; either under blessing or under curse.  In each the human person is corporately and covenantally situated.  Individuals are always understood in relation to a covenant head and therefore a community, whether that be in relation to Adam, Abraham, Moses, David or ultimately Jesus.

The modern human person is seen as autonomous, isolated and confident.

The postmodern human person while still seen as autonomous and isolated, has a radical loss of confidence.

Each has an impoverished view of the human person; isolated, separated and lacking a narrative.

To share the gospel is to share the gospel narrative of creation, fall, redemption and consummation.   While laughable to many, the Christian understanding of human persons is really the only narrative that takes human persons seriously.  It is a narrative that says isolation is sub-human. It is narrative that stands over autonomous human reason.  It is a narrative that says life is not about exile but about return.  It is a narrative of hope.